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I can see so many of you were desperate to get your entries in on time. ¬_¬

Anywho, we found the other two contest entries and started the judging.

And the winner is...


So yus. Bio-chan and I now owe Xen two full colour drawings each. ¬_¬

Digi out.

Right well, we thought that to further spread our Doujin circle/Collaboration Meet Up Place, we'd make an account for it to coincide with our chat place found in the link below
-->… <--

Here we aim to share ideas, help people with their stories, do lots of collaborations of all kinds and possibly we can all lump together and make something good.

There's a good chance we'll put some deviations and what not here.

Also, You are free to post fan comics, fan stories. You are also allowed to post you own original story/comic, with you own characters and own universe, not just fan stuff. In fact we, encourage originality more than anything.~:heart:
Just Tell us what you would like us to post here, on this Doujinshi circle's profile, to share with the rest of the members. However, you must be a member, before you can post anything on here.

1. Send either the club or one of the founders a Note with the title- "Join" and say that you would like to join this doujinshi circle
2. Watch the club and we'll watch you back.
3. Once we have accepted your membership, would you kindly add a link or the icon of this doujinshi circle in your journal~.

And that's the three simple steps to becoming a member~


:bulletorange: Be Kind To One Another, Unless You Wish To Look Like A Total Prat And Be Kicked Out The Doujinshi Circle For Good.~:heart:

:bulletblue: Use Eligible Typing. Please, Try Your Best At Using Proper Spelling And Such. You Can Type However The Heck You Like, As Long As It Is Not Internet Speak. I.E- i dun wnt 2 see ppl typing liek dis, plz.

:bulletorange: We Do Not Accept Hentai, Explicit Yaoi Or Explicit Yuri. However, We Accept All Romance As Long As It's Kept Mild.

:bulletblue: If Something Is Bugging You, Please Feel Free To Consult Team Tea-Rabbit Or Either One Of The Founders About The Problem. We Don't Mind Being Bothered At All.

:bulletorange: In The Doujinshi Circle Chat, Please Refrain From Abusing The Ability To Demoting Members To Lower Ranks. We Really Don't Want Conflict To Emerge.

:bulletblue: Do Not Change The Topic Under Any Circumstances, UNLESS YOU ARE GIVEN PERMISSION BY ONE OF THE FOUNDERS TO DO SO. Thank You Very Much~

:bulletorange: Please Do Not Verbally Abuse The Admins (Founders). We Have Feelings Too And If It Weren't For Us, This Doujin Circle Would Never Be Here. =w= ( In other words, don't annoy us or we'll kick your ass~ - Digi)

:bulletblue: You May Have Different Conversations In The Chat, As Long As You Make It Clear As To Who You Are Speaking To. E.g- "<Biyu-Chan>- *To Digi* I Am Currently Working On The Profile Page~"

:bulletorange: You May Sometimes RP In The Chat To Develop Plot Lines. If The RP Is Just For The Hell Of It With No Good Reason At All, That Is Also Fine, As Long As You Do Not Go Overboard With It.

:bulletblue: And, Last But Not Least, Have Fun And Feel Free To Ask Anyone, Including The Founders, In The Doujinshi Circle For Guidance On Storylines And Doujinshi Lines.
More Journal Entries


Well hello there. I see you've made the effort of scrolling this far down the page.

I congratulate you. Now go join or something.

The following are the higher ups. Annoying them is a most unwise course of action.





Group Info

We're about getting artists to make original works and working together. We promote originality, collaborations and all around getting lazy artists to actually do something. And somehow making doujinshis fits into this equation and making comics.
Founded 7 Years ago
Aug 2, 2009


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Art Creation

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